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Deborah DewartThere was a time in ancient Israel when "everyone did what was right in his own eyes" (Judges 21:25). That history is rapidly repeating itself in America today.

"Deborah" is a good name for a Christian attorney. Deborah — like the ancient judge whose name she bears (Judges 4-5)—loves the law of the Lord. America is not a theocracy like Israel once was, but our country was founded by people who wanted to preserve the freedom to worship the true God according to conscience. Deborah is passionate about defending that freedom in our courts. "Hear, O kings; give ear, O rulers! I — to the Lord, I will sing, I will sing praise to the Lord, the God of Israel." (Judges 5:3, from the "Song of Deborah")

Deborah is admitted to practice law in North Carolina, California, the United States Supreme Court, all federal circuit courts of appeal, the Central District of California, and the Eastern District of North Carolina. She graduated magna cum laude from Chapman School of Law in 2002, after completing her Master of Arts in Religion at Westminster Seminary in 1998. She assists clients with wills, trusts, business entities, and nonprofit corporations, but her primary calling and passion is constitutional law—the defense of religious liberty and other core American freedoms. Deborah is a member of the Christian Legal Society and an "honor corps" ally associated with the Alliance Defending Freedom. She has donated hundreds of hours to research and draft briefs in some of the key cases and issues of our time, in the U.S. Supreme Court and most of the federal circuits. In 2010, AMG Publisher (Chattanooga, TN) published her first book, Death of a Christian Nation.

Death of a Christian NationDeath of a Christian Nation

Whatever happened to "Christian" America? American Christianity is under attack in this increasingly hostile climate. Believers need knowledge. First, they need biblical knowledge, and second, they need awareness as to how many Christians in America are suffering for their faith. Deborah J. Dewart's Death of a Christian Nation offers a case-by-case look into how current laws and judicial decisions impact Christians' ability to apply biblical principles in the workplace. In each chapter, Deborah explains to Christians where they can turn for help. In her opinion, without this knowledge, our "Christian" nation will die.

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Some believers may object to political action. After all, the church's mission is to preach the gospel, and we tread on dangerous ground when we perceive non-Christians as "the enemy" rather than persons who need Christ. But we cannot stand by idly while fellow believers suffer serious legal consequences for practicing their faith. Moreover, our freedom to preach the gospel is rapidly diminishing, and preservation of that freedom is vital to the church and its mission.

We must never forget our primary mission by becoming too entangled in political warfare, but neither can we hide our heads in the proverbial sand.


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