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America’s Kids



America's Kids

{ America’s Kids }

Legal activists are rapidly erasing the memory of America's religious heritage. They are doing their best to turn your children and grandchildren away from God and His Word. We won't win the legal battle — or victories will be short-lived at best — unless we reach and teach the next generation.

Let Freedom Ring CD coverLet Freedom Ring! is a fun musical to introduce young children to the religious freedom Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries — a liberty that is rapidly eroding. It was produced by Resurrection Rabbit, Inc, a religious nonprofit that has other fun products available to help your children hear the gospel and learn to love God's Word.

In addition to her legal work, Deborah is a ventriloquist-songwriter and the founder of Resurrection Rabbit, a Christian ministry established to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach young children about God's Word, using fun songs and other creative tools. This ministry began in California, where Deborah and her bunny, Cherry, visited abused/neglected children living in shelters and group homes. Cherry helped connect with the kids, who would sit still long enough to hear a bunny sing a song—but not much longer! The "bunny songs" multiplied over a period of time and Resurrection Rabbit now offers a wide selection of music CD's that will entertain and teach young children.

See the Resurrection Rabbit website to order a copy of Let Freedom Ring, and listen to some selected song clips below.

musicLet Freedom Ring

musicHappy Birthday America

musicThe Liberty Bell

musicMeet Me at the Pole


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