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Deborah Dewart{ Speaking }

Deborah is a seasoned public speaker on issues of religious freedom and other core constitutional rights.  She speaks with hope and humor to churches, conservative groups, Christian attorneys, and pastors. Deborah is also available as a guest on radio interviews. If you wish to book Deborah as a speaker or schedule her for a radio interview, then please use our Contact form.

red star Help

Deborah will help you understand (in English—not "legalese") how we got to where we are today—facing so many moral challenges in the public square and America's courtrooms.

green star Hope

Deborah will give you hope for the future and challenge you to be "salt and light" in our nation — to "Go Bless America."

blue star Humor

Deborah will add a light, humorous touch to the serious issues
we face, remembering that God is still on His throne!


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